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Advisory Board Members

Dr. David Hurwitz profile photo

Dr. David Hurwitz

Professor of Transportation Engineering

Oregon State University

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David is a Professor of transportation engineering and Director of the Driving and Bicycling Research Laboratory in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University. David conducts research in the areas of transportation human factors, traffic control, transportation safety, driving and bicycling simulation, and engineering education. He has a particular interest in the consideration of user behaviour in the design and innovation of transportation systems. [Read more]

Dr. Divera Twisk profile photo

Dr. Divera Twisk

Adjunct Professor

Queensland University of Technology

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Divera is a human factors psychologist, with a PhD in adolescent risk taking. Divera has over 30 years’ experience in road safety research and policy development, and has made significant contributions across a wide range of road safety issues in The Netherlands and globally.     [Read more]